Solutions Provided

  • TransApp - An app developed using Document AI and NLP to serve the purpose of translating a document that deals with the legal, medical, etc. Capable of taking any file as input (PDF, Text, CSV, Docx, doc..)
  • VisionTextFilter - An app developed to extract and filter the text from an image (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and categorize it to different categories based on the semantics of the content. This tool has been tested with 100% accuracy and deployed as a SAAS to process OCR.
  • DialogueFlow: Built using Google DialogueFlow and deployed to US-Based PhotoshopUX app where the customers want photo editing services.

Vision Analytics

Train algorithms to detect humans and their gestures for the context of many use cases. Train computer vision-based algorithms to detect pretty much anything. All we need is sample data to train. We can detect humans, equipment, attire, activities, gestures, lesions etc.

  • Industrial Safety - Automated solutions which aim at enhancing the safety of the workplace to reduce injuries
  • Healthcare Solutions - AI-assisted automated solutions to reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections
  • Activity Recognition - Detect unsafely, prohibited or distress actions and alert the respective personnel

Text Analytics

Build a searchable knowledge graph and actionable insights Involves semantic analysis of text data like documents, email, webchat, social media, surveys, customer forums etc. along with the process of building a searchable knowledge graph and insights.

  • Automated Email - Secure and automated email classification and routing using Cognitive Automation techniques
  • Solutions for Law Firms - Cognitive attorney AI system analysis the historical data results and translate to formal legal context
  • Semantic Indexing - Automated pre-ranking of documents based on relatedness or reference to ease humans analysis

Dialogue Flow AI

Powerful AI engine trained on reams of data to understand customer needs Chatbots can be trained to interpret and answer a wide range of questions for enhancing data accuracy, domain-specific, and near human-like cognition.

  • Automated Indents - Train NLP model to automatically generates intents from a body of text and to answer them
  • Helpdesk Bot - Offer accurate, domain-specific knowledge and human-like cognition to automate business process
  • Enterprise Bot - Platform to handle every aspect of business process automation using Conversational AIPlatform to handle every aspect of business process automation using Conversational AI